Emergency/Weather Notifications

  •  Today is Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

    Delay and Closings Info Dear :

    If there is an important alert or weather notification, the information will be posted at the top of the PRSD Web Home Page. You can click here to see if there are any alerts. Click here for more details on the process of deciding on a school delay or cancellation.

    In the event of an early dismissal, delay, or cancellation, the district will notify parents via:

    • Rapid Call (Be sure to update information with school building offices)
    • PRSD Website: www.pinerichland.org
    • PRTV: Armstrong Digital Cable Channel 211 and Consolidated Cable: 404
    • Pine-Richland Information Line: 724-443-7575
    • Local Radio Stations: KDKA-AM
    • Local Television Stations: KDKA, WTAE, and WPXI (Click on the Call Letters for Online Closing Info.)

    Please be aware that once the information leaves PR, we cannot control how it is broadcasted on TV and/or radio. We highly encourage to log on to the website or PR Information Line for the most accurate information. We do not recommend downloading local news apps as they have sent out misinformation.

    The district will initiate the rapid notification in the event of an emergency and/or other major announcements as well.

    Please call your child's school building, if you think your information might not be current. We highly recommend home and cell phones to be included for emergency situations.
    What if a Two-Hour Delay is Issued?
    Bus pickup and school opening are delayed by two hours. Lunch will be served.

    What is the Modified Kindergarten Schedule?

    Morning Session: 11:20 a.m.-1:05 p.m.
    Afternoon Session: 2:05 p.m.-3:50 p.m


    How You Can Prepare

    • Be prepared & have a plan in place should there be an early dismissal and your child (ren) are sent home on short notice. Although rare, early dismissals are a possibility due to weather or emergency situations. Now is the time to develop a plan with your child(ren).
    • Be sure your child knows and understands the plan (Make it simple.). Children will be sent home on their school bus if an unexpected early dismissal occurs. Blackboard Connect (the district's rapid phone notification) will be activated in the elementary buildings if an early dismissal occurs. Be sure to program (724) 625-7773 as a number that will not be blocked if you have a block on your phone.
    • Remember to have your children dress appropriately for inclement weather especially frigid temperatures. You can review details on dressing for cold temperatures.