• High School Counselor
    Contact Information
    Mrs. Leslie Straub
    School Counselor
    Phone: (724)-625-4444, ext. 1655
    Ms. Dorothy Erlain
    Guidance Secretary (L-Z)
    Phone: 724-625-4444, ext. 1651



    A native of El Paso, Texas. Straub graduated from Texas Tech University with a dual bachelor's degree in English and Psychology. Straub taught 8th, 9th and 10th grade English in various places such as Texas, Ohio and Pittsburgh.  After teaching for 8 years, Straub felt that she could better help students as a school counselor and enrolled at Chatham University where she received a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology.  She has been with Pine-Richland since 2009.

    Leslie and her husband along with their two sons and daughter are proud to be members of the Pine-Richland Ram Family. #WearePRFamily!