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Mrs. Carol Conner


Hello! Hope you had a wonderful summer and you are well-rested and ready to start a new, "slightly" altered school year!  

Just recently I moved to the 5th Grade FOREST and will be team teaching with Mrs. Raupp and Mr. Andreassi.  The 5th Grade Desert Biome will be vacant this year.  

Your child's classroom assignment may have listed 622 as the homeroom, but they will actually report to 823 in the FOREST to gather materials and receive their education.  

Hope this doesn't create too much confusion, but location-wise, it makes more sense to be in the same biome as their team-teachers.  I will miss my old home in the Desert, but this is a  year for changes and we will persevere!  


Looking forward to meeting your children (or you, the student) on September 1 or 2.  (depending which day you start!) 


 Enjoy what remains of SUMMER!  

Stay safe, enjoy nature, read a good book (or several), get some exercise, ride a bike.....