•   January 21st - January 24th


    Wonders Unit 2-2

     Comprehension Strategy:  Make Predictions

    Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast

    Genre:  Fairy Tale

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Similes & Metaphors


    Unit 1-5 Reading Test has been returned, but we are still using it for TDA writing. 

    Unit 3-3 Reading Test will be Friday, January 17th


     Word Masters  

     Not sure if the next set of Word Masters has arrived back from the copy center yet....  Stay Tuned!

    Unit 12

    Assignment 1:  "Show You Know" and "Word Hunt"

    Assignment 2:  "TEN Sentences"  

    TEN  Sentences:  Students write 10 sentences; two for each word stem.  Each sentence must contain one of the 5 context clues: inference, example, synonym, antonym, and definition.   Students are to underline or highlight the context clue(s) that help the reader determine the meaning of the Word Master word.  10 Sentences (extra copy)





    TDA= Analyzing text evidence then constructing a paragraph using both.

    Writing Traits:  Organization & details



     Daily Grammar Review  


    Reading Logs  

      Students should read at least 20 minutes a day (5 days) and write 3-5 sentences summarizing what they have read.  If they have a busy weekday (or 2), they may use the weekend to meet their reading goals. Students can adjust the reading log "days" as needed.  

    **No new reading log this week!  

    Weekly Reading Log





    User Name:  PRSD plus student 5 digit #

    Password:  PRSD plus student birthdate (month, day, year)