•  May 11th - May 14th


    We will begin reading the novel Earthquake Terror.  Since the books are all at school, the story will be read to them as it is posted in a Screencastify.  As students read, they are working on many different reading skills such as cause and effect, predictions, theme, recognizing and interpreting figurative language, identifying character traits, and more.  Screencastify lessons are a must in order to complete the work.  Students will have an EQ Terror Packet to record information and then will use the packet to complete the Google Forms each week.  


    No new  Word Masters  this week 


    Assignment 1:  "Show You Know" and "Word Hunt" completed

    Assignment 2:  "8 Sentences" Document assigned in Google Classroom due Friday, May 1st  (*I gave them 2:)

    TEN  Sentences:  Students write 10 sentences; two for each word stem.  Each sentence must contain one of the 5 context clues: inference, example, synonym, antonym, and definition.   Students are to underline or highlight the context clue(s) that help the reader determine the meaning of the Word Master word.  10 Sentences (extra copy)

    WORD MASTERS QUIZ will be Friday, May 1st 




     Using Elements of Poetry notes and poetry lessons, students will write an original poem incorporating the elements of poetry such as alliteration, figurative language, stanzas, rhyme, etc.  









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