•   November 18th - November 22nd


    Wonders Unit 1-4 & 2-1 (Combined Skills)

     Comprehension Strategy: Ask & Answer Questions and Reread

    Comprehension Skill:  Non-Fiction Text Structures  with emphasis on sequence and problem & solution

    Genre:  Biography  & Expository Text

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Greek Roots & Context Clues

    We will be doing Guided Reading activities to "showcase" how to identify and use Non-Fiction Text Structures.  Students will also determine the meanings of unknown words using Greek Roots and Context Clues.  Students will have a check-list of items to complete independently that will enforce these same skills as well as meeting and discussing the text with me.  

     Wonders Unit 1-4 Test will be Friday, November 22


     Word Masters  

     Unit 7:  aqua, audi, bell, cap, cise

    Assignment 1:  "Show You Know" and "Word Hunt" assigned 11/11 and due 11/13

    Assignment 2:  "TEN Sentences"  Assigned on 11/14 and due 11/21

    TEN  Sentences:  Students write 10 sentences; two for each word stem.  Each sentence must contain one of the 5 context clues: inference, example, synonym, antonym, and definition.   Students are to underline or highlight the context clue(s) that help the reader determine the meaning of the Word Master word.  10 Sentences (extra copy)

    QUIZ:  Thursday, November 21  




    Writing Traits:  Organization

    TDA:  Introduction Paragraph


    Helping Verbs and Linking Verbs as well as the Dailly Grammar Review.  

    Daily Grammar Quiz Q1-4 will be Tuesday, November 26


    Reading Logs  

      Reading logs will be assigned on Monday 11/11 and due on Monday 11/18.  Students should read at least 20 minutes a day (5 days) and write 3-5 sentences summarizing what they read.  If they have a busy weekday (or 2), they may use the weekend to meet their reading goals. Students can adjust reading log "days" as needed.    

    Weekly Reading Log





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