Fall Reminders

  • Cold and Flu Season Approaching

    With the start of school, cold and flu season is approaching. It is important to remind your children that the best way to prevent illness is through good hygiene and proper hand washing. This includes washing hands before eating and after using the restroom, covering coughs, and disposing of tissues properly. It is also important for children not to share water bottles. If you are not sure when to keep your child home from school due to illness click here for some recommended guidelines.


    While Allegheny County has no confirmed cases of enteroviruses, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is monitoring the situation across the state. There are more than 100 different types of enteroviruses, which are very common viruses. Enteroviruses can cause respiratory illness, rashes with fever and neurological illness like aseptic meningitis and encephalitis.  For more information, please refer to some Frequently Asked Questions.

    Examinations Due

    Physical exams are due October 1 for students in kindergarten and grades 6 and 11. Dental exams are due October 1  for students in kindergarten and grades 3 and 7.

    Medications at School

    All medications at school, including over-the-counter medications such as Advil or Tylenol, require an order from the physician. No medication can be given at school without a physician's order. Students are permitted to carry asthma inhalers and EpiPens with a physician's order. All other medications must be kept in the nurse's office. Medication orders must be updated each school year.

    Head Lice

    Every year, isolated cases of pediculosis occur in the community and school. Such occurrences of head lice are not uncommon among school children and even the cleanest child can be affected. Head lice do not spread disease. Please click here for information from the Allegheny County Health Department on head lice and what to look for and what to do.