PRSD Student Short Films

2021 Entries (A-S)

  • A Night To Remember

     Cat Mystery

    Going Up

     No Filter

    Sneak Peak


2021 Entries (T-Z)

  • The Next Warren Miller

    The Heist

    The Last Entry

    The Valentine Bear


2020 Entries (A-N)

  • A Sedentary Existence

    Area 61 Raid

    Being Sick, Part 3

    Breakfast Manifesto

    I Need Money


    Mini Adventures

    My Baby Sister



2020 Entries (O-Z)

  • Pine-Richland Hockey Hype

    Splashin' Seneca

    Tea Time

    The Game

    The Hallway

    The Hallway film not eligible for Audience Choice

    The Journey

    The Stalker in the Suit

    Updated Weekend


Rammys Archive

  • 2018 9th-12th Grade

    "Being Sick"

    "De Wae"

     "Lighter Than Air"

     "Life of a Real Pie"


     "Special Effects Music Video"


  •  2018 K - 8th Grade

    "Black Light Yo-Yo"

    "Action News"

    "Adaptation & Survival of the Giant Panda"


    "PRMS News"

    "The Elusive 6th Grader"

    "The Time Capsule"

  • 2017 K-8th Grade Entries

    "ESPR Dodgeball"

    "If Medical Commercials Were Honest"

     "Mega Video Mix"


    "Moana's Journey"

    "One In The Sea"

    "The Talent Show"

  • 2017 9th - 12th Grade Entries 

    "Addiction: A Day In The Life"

     "Child Soldiers" 

     "Driver's Test"


     "Mission ImPASTAble"

    "Ski & Board Club"


  • 2017 At Large Entry

    "Underwater Cinematography"

2016 & 2015 Rammy Award Entries

2015 Rammy Award Entries

2014 Rammy Award Entries

Other Student Shorts

  • Video List
    PRHS Message for St. Barnabas - PRHS Student Government

    PRHS Message for St. Barnabas

    Members of the PRHS Student Government worked together to create a video for the residents of St. Barnabas... from May 26, 2020.

    Author: PRHS Student Government   
    Length: 08:28
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  • Video List
    Teacher Appreciation Week, 2020 - PRHS Student Body

    Teacher Appreciation Week, 2020

    PRHS students created this "thank you" video honoring each member of the building's faculty and staff... from May 4, 2020.

    Author: PRHS Student Body   
    Length: 10:19
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  • Video List
    Wear Your Future, 2020 - PRTV Club

    Wear Your Future, 2020

    In lieu of the COVID-19 canceled "Wear Your Future" day, high school junior, Hailey Rihn edited this short film featuring a series of submitted photographs from PRHS seniors... from May 1, 2020.

    Author: PRTV Club   
    Length: 03:46
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  • Video List
    PRHS Lip Dub, 2015 - PRHS Students

    PRHS Lip Dub, 2015

    The entire PRHS and PRMS student bodies pack Pine-Richland Stadium to perform "All Star" by Smash Mouth... from May 2015.


    Author: PRHS Students   
    Length: 06:50
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  • Video List
    PRHS Air Force JROTC Color Guard, 2015 - AF JROTC & Bill Clack

    PRHS Air Force JROTC Color Guard, 2015

    Pine-Richland High School's JROTC Drill-Team "A" demonstrates how it presents our colors... from January 22, 2015.
    Author: AF JROTC & Bill Clack   
    Length: 4:48
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  • Video List
    PRHS Lip Dub, 2014 - David Randolph (PRHS, 2014)

    PRHS Lip Dub, 2014

    The entire student body performs American Authors' "Best Day of My Life."
    Author: David Randolph (PRHS, 2014)   
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