Rules (summary)

    • Submission Requirements
      • 2022's FINAL Deadline is April 29, 2022 @ 11:59 pm for student submissions and for At Large entries. No new, or additional submissions will be accepted after that time.
        • Any filmmaker's entries that violate contest rules will be notified within 72 hours. 
        • Filmmakers will then have until May 6, 2022 @ 11:59pm to make any required re-edits and resubmit.
          • All entries will then be final.
      • Submit/share a computer video file (ex. .mov, .mp4, .avi) via a Google Drive link.  The name of the creator, the title of the project and its total running time MUST be included in the computer file name. (Ex. "FilmTitle_byJohnDoe_4min30sec")
      • In order for your cast members to be considered for Best Actor, you must include end credits
      • A brief written synopsis of your project; including location information, non-original media list and full cast and crew list.
      • All related permission forms must be signed and dated by the appropriate parties. You must then scan, or take a digital photograph of each completed form. (See below for links to required forms.)
    • Completely Your Work
      • All scholastic production and post-production work must be completed by Pine-Richland School Students grades K-12. (The only exception is on camera talent; adults can be utilized as actors when approved scripts call for them and/or adults can be utilized as documentary interviewees.) At Large production and post-production work must be completed by PRSD staff, alumni and/or residents.
    • Rights To Content
      • Document the creator/provider of rights free music and sound effects using the Materials Use form.
        • Looking for the perfect song(s) and/or sound effects? YouTube Studio's audio library has 1000s of searchable rights free music selections and sound effects
        • Click here to learn How 2 Find & Use YouTube Studio's Audio Library, or scroll down an check out an interactive lesson.
      • Copyrighted/non-original music not from the YouTube Studio's audio library must also be vetted through YouTube's copyright sensors. If YouTube blocks, or even restricts use of a song, you may be asked to re-edit your film without the song. 
      • Original music, photography, graphics created just for your film still requires signed Materials Use permission forms (even if the work is original and you are the artist, or the composer). 
      • All actors/talent must sign Talent Release permission forms allowing you to broadcast both their likeness and their voice on PRTV and www.pinerichland.org.
      • If shooting off campus you must have signed  Location Release permission forms from the property owner, or a building manager allowing you to broadcast images of their property.
    • Length and Rating
      • Must be TV-Y, or G rated.  The Rammys board will confirm each entry's rating prior to approval.  (If the board determines the rating is above/older than what is allowed, the filmmaker will have the same window to re-edit and re-submit.)
      • 5 minute maximum including opening and closing credits.

How To Find Rights Free Audio

How To Submit

    • send videos/films and all digitized rights forms to prtvarchive@pinerichland.org
    • email subject line must read "Rammys 2022"
    • Pine-Richland students and staff must use their district emails (ie @prrams.org & @pinerichland.org)
      • Video files likely will need to be first uploaded to your Google Drive & then shared from there


    • Having trouble submitting, or have other questions regarding your submission?
    • Please email prtvarchive@pinerichland.org 
      • make your email's subject line, "Rammys Question"