• Extended Learning Opportunities 2019-2020
    Extended Learning Opportunities are events that will be held during the school day outside of the building that is relevant to the core academic content areas, student strengths and/or interests,  and are aligned with our district initiative (STEAM). Students chose as many events in which they have an interest in which they would like to be a member of during the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Sovek and Mrs. Kopach will look at their selected choices and also their academic strength areas and place students in ONE Extended Learning Opportunity for the school year. Below are brief descriptions of each offered Extended Learning Opportunity.
    Stem Design Challenge (All grades) - students will be given a challenge in the fall to design and build a K’Nex structure. They will have from October until December to create a blueprint and narrative about their structure and then will be asked to build it at the competition.
    PA Media and Design Competition (6th grade ONLY) - an annual event that highlights students’ application skills & computer knowledge. Students can unleash their creativity, learn how to convey information more dynamically, and enhance the learning process. There are several different categories for entry depending on interest and skills. ***Please note – this will be an activity completed & prepared for at home or during Open GATE. We will be the sponsors for the event, but this is a student-driven, independent project. If you are interested in this and have a knack for technology, we can provide you with more information.

    Children's Choice Awards (All grades) - students will read, study, & share the 8 nominated books and then vote for their favorite. We hold book clubs/discussion groups from October through April utilizing each of the books on the suggested list. (You will have to borrow books from the library or purchase books – the school does not provide the books). If you love to read and have high-level discussions around new novels during Explore time every few weeks – consider joining this literature activity. As a culminating activity, students will attend the reading festival at Soldiers & Sailors in May to participate in literacy activities and meet an author.

    Robotics - (All Grades) - Working with the ARM Institute (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) This workshop is for students interested in learning more about robotics and automation. The facility & program is sponsored by CMU and will have demonstrations, hands-on interactions, as well as discussion about robotics, technology, and engineering.

    Theater Arts Workshop (5th & 6th Grades Only) - In this hands-on learning workshop, students work with theatre professionals in playwriting, set design, directing, stage combat, costumes, and hair & makeup. You will get a deeper understanding of design, technical, and performance elements and how it all works together to translate to the stage.

    Stock Market Game (All Grades) - The stock market program teaches students how to invest in stocks, make stock market trades, analyze markets, and build stock market portfolios while competing with other students. The stock market competitions are both fun and educational by helping students learn about the stock market and prepare them to succeed financially in their personal and professional lives. If you like business, money, and math - this might be for you.