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    What is it?

    Quizlet is a flashcards and study games website.  It is an effective way to get students further engaged in what they're learning both in the classroom and at home.  Quizlet is very helpful for all types of students.

    Quizlet can help students learn the definition with the flashcards, learn to spell the word, and even play games with the words that are in the particular study set. Quizlet can also create a practice test that consists of multiple-choice, true/false, fill in the blank and matching.


    How to access?

    Use the links below to join my Reading Support class on the Quizlet website.  This is a free site that allows you to practice with and better learn/memorize your academic vocabulary words, meanings of prefixes and suffixes, and reading comprehension skills.


    Quizlet Links for REWARDS:  Academic Vocabulary, Meanings of Prefixes & Suffixes


    Quizlet Links for Wonders Reading Program Grade 4


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