• Pine-Richland School District Volunteer Check List

    Review & Complete:

    Volunteer Application Packet

    1. Volunteer Recommendation Form (To be completed by the School Building Principal AFTER packet is turned in to the building) 
    2. Volunteer Application
    3. Clearance Information Sheet
      1. FBI Criminal History (Completed through Cogent/PA Dept of Ed Option)
      2. PA Criminal History
      3. PA Child Abuse Certification
    4. PDE Arrest & Conviction Report
    5. TB Testing Information
    6. TB Testing Form (School Personnel Health Record)
      1. Must present evidence of a negative TB test taken within the previous 4 months
      2. We will accept proof of negative TB test on the provider’s own documents or a script.
    7. Act 126 Memo and Training– Mandated Reporter Training (optional for Independent Volunteers; required for Volunteer Coaches/Sponsors)

    Review Policy, Definition & Procedures:

    Volunteer Policy

    Volunteer Handbook

    Volunteer Definitions

    Review Clearance Process