Pine-Richland FBLA

Responsibilities & Requirements

  • The Pine-Richland FBLA Chapter

    Membership Requirements




    1. Members demonstrate leadership and good character, both in school and in the community. 


    Pine-Richland FBLA membership standards:

    1. Fulfill FBLA partnership requirements as specified by officers and adviser at the start of the school year
    2. Behave ethically as defined by Pine-Richland High School's Code of Conduct
    3. Attend all mandatory monthly meetings. Students receive meeting schedule at the start of the year and are expected to manage their schedules which includes communicating this obligation to employers, coaches, advisers and parents.  Documentation must be submitted in-person to Ms. Blaze prior to a missed meeting. Documentation must be submitted in-person to Ms. Blaze upon return to school in the case of an unexpected early dismissal.


    1. The Strike Policy


    Strikes will be received for infractions. One strike results in probationary status which serves as a warning to the member. A second strike of any kind will result in dismissal. If a student is dismissed from the organization, a one year-suspension will be enforced before the student can rejoin.


    For freshman and sophomore members, strikes do NOT carry over to the following year. However, for junior members, any strike earned during junior year will carry over to the student’s senior year. In this case, the member remains on probation, which means that another strike of any kind during senior year will result in dismissal.



    Students will receive a strike for all of the following:


      • Unexcused absence from a monthly meeting
        • Excused absences include:
          • Away sporting events and/or school performances
          • Excused school-day absences (documentation must be submitted upon return to school)
          • College visits (admissions office documentation must be submitted in advance of the meeting)
          • Early dismissal due to illness as documented by school nurse (parent note must be submitted)


        • Unexcused absences include:
          • Practices
          • Appointments
          • Other group/club meetings
          • Non-emergency early dismissals
          • Work/internships


    • Failing to participate in the FBLA partner/service event
      • Failing to check-in for meeting attendance with assigned officer at the end of the monthly meeting.
    • Failing to submit the post-meeting form prior to the due date
    • Failing to submit any form and/or agreement prior to due date


    1. Automatic Dismissal


    Automatic dismissal will result for the following reasons:

    • Ethical or behavioral infractions against the Pine-Richland High School Code of Conduct
    • Failure to participate in the FBLA partner event(s)
    • Disrespectful communication or behavior towards adviser, officer or speaker



    Joining the Organization


    1. Must attend the first meeting to be eligible for membership
    2. Meeting dates are published on the PR-FBLA website for the entire year prior to the end of the previous academic year. Dates are also posted on the FBLA bulletin board and Instagram account. Morning announcements advertising the first meeting of the year run daily during the first several weeks of the year.
    3. Online Membership Form must be completed and submitted prior to the due date.
    4. The Pine-Richland FBLA Chapter Membership Requirements Acknowledgement Agreement must be signed by the student and a parent/guardian.
    5. Membership Dues check must be submitted prior to the due date. ($16.00)




    1. Meetings are held monthly at 2:40pm with specific dates released at the beginning of the academic year.
    2. Refer to the strike policy above for specific information regarding meeting attendance.


    FBLA Officer Selection


    1. Current members interested in serving as officers for the next year must attend an informational meeting with the current officers regarding the commitments and responsibilities expected of an FBLA officer.
    2. After attending the informational meeting, students may complete the application form and submit prior to the due date.
    3. No incomplete or late applications will be accepted or reviewed.
    4. Applications are reviewed by the current officers and the FBLA adviser.
    5. Interviews may be conducted if considered necessary for further evaluation as determined by the officers.
    6. Officers will be installed at the final meeting of the year.


Last Modified on September 5, 2023