• SCIENCE:  WEEK OF April 19-23, Bagnato students will have Science
    Students will need their science notebooks called Patterns of Earth and Science.

    Chapter 2: Why is the sun up sometimes, but not other times?

    Students figure out: The sun is only up sometimes and not at other times because Earth spins once per day. Since gravity pulls us down toward Earth, we are carried with Earth as it spins. What we see up above us changes as we spin. When the side of Earth we are on faces the sun, the sun is up in the sky. When Earth spins to face away from the sun, the sun is not up, and we can see other stars. This is why each artifact panel shows a repeating pattern: the sun is in the sky, then other stars are in the sky, and so on.

    HOMEWORK for Science:
     Friday-ALL students (BOTH Wippenbeck and Bagnato students)  should watch the Mystery Doug video and mark it as done in the Google Classwork