•   2015-2016 Teaching & Learning

    Long-Term Goal: Refine clear and consistent curriculum across each grade and course that builds as students progress through the levels but nurture creativity and identity of schools and teachers.Completed Gauge

    Short-Term Goals/Actions

    • Complete Curriculum Writing   ( Completed)
    • Identify Resources, Priorities & Timeline Implementation  ( Completed)

    Long-Term Goal: Ensure quality instruction that allows staff/teachers to meet the readiness of different students happening across all classrooms rather than in isolation.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions

    • Identify/Develop Instructional Model & Introduce Framework Prior to End of Year ( Completed)
    Long-Term Goal: Implement a balanced range of national, state and local assessments to monitor student learning and use results to guide instruction.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions

    • Evaluate Current Standardized Assessment to Determine Value Add to District Processes & Individual Students (Near Complete)
    • Determine Types of Assessments  that Should Be Developed & Embedded (Formative, Benchmark, Diagnostic & Summative) (Near Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Extend learning for students who already mastered content and provide re-teaching/support for students struggling with content.

    Short-Term Goal/Action
    • Evaluate RTII Math Resources  ( Completed)
    Long-Term Goal: Integrate technology tools into courses and activities when it can extend or improve the teaching and learning process or promote innovation in that process. 

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    Short-Term Goals/Actions:

    • Develop SAMR Training Classroom Design to Establish a Common Language & Framework for technology Integration   ( Completed)
    • Evaluate Device & Pilot Google Application
      ( Completed)
    • Inventory Software & Cloud Resources   ( Completed)