• Library Lessons

    It's another exciting year in Wexford Elementary Library


    In Kindergarten,  we are focusing on finding books we enjoy.  We are learning about the different books that are available based on author or story type, as well as difference non-fiction subjects.  We are also learning where to find them.  We practice summarizing, retelling, and identifying key points.  We are reading books by various authors so we can see the variety of books that a library might have.
    In First Grade, we learn about retelling a library story in sequence, we talk about the relationship between the illustrations and text of the story in both fiction and non-fiction books.  We will practice alphabetizing as it relates to the way the library is organized so that we can keep working on finding books that are the ones we want.  We learn some basic uses of technology to gain information.
    In Second Grade, we are learning about the way a library is organized so that we can find the books we want in any library.  We share stories from various genres so that we understand the different types of stories that are available.   We learn that the library is also a place to gain information and learn about the various kinds of reference materials and why we might choose which one.  We add to our skills in using technology to gain information.  We work to find a book that is a good one for ourselves that we will enjoy.
    In Third Grade, we work on a variety of skills to learn to research well, such as taking notes and using online databases.  We improve on our use of technology to gain information and use the information in a responsible way.  We continue to share a variety of stories and learn about new series that are available in the library to continue developing a love of reading.  
    We intersperse use of technology and makerspace materials in our ordinary library lessons to develop creativity in our search for information.