• Strategic Plan: Background & Process

    Background: The district has a long-standing tradition of involving the community in developing a strategic plan, which encourages a collective focus in developing priorities.  While each planning phase brought a unique approach to gathering input, they each involved major input from the community. In developing a strategic plan for 2016-2019 the district hosted a community panel of guests who provided strategic input with dialogue from the district.  
    Process: The district established a process and timeline for strategic planning. The process involved:
    • Organizing a planning committee

    • Surveying students, staff & parents.

    • Developing a framework of strategies incorporating five categories with long-term & short-term goals.

    • Developing a mission, vision & values.

    • Providing a series of town hall meetings with various stakeholder representation (students, staff, parents, administrators, community members & board members) to dialogue, gain various perspectives and to finalize the structure and content of the strategic plan. (150+ Participants).

    • Finalizing, presenting & receiving board approval on the Pennsylvania Comprehensive Plan.

    • Providing ongoing updates to community, board, parents (Key Communicators), staff and students.

    • Monitoring progress of Strategic Plan through 2019.