• Teaching & Learning

    Student achievement is
    enhanced through consistent, effective, and engaging learning experiences with teachers who meet the needs of all learners.

    Long-Term Goals 
    • Refine clear and consistent curriculum across each grade and course that builds as students progress through the levels but nurture creativity and identity of schools and teachers.

    • Ensure quality instruction that allows staff/teachers to meet the readiness of different students happening across teachers in all classrooms rather than in isolation.

    • Implement a balanced range of national, state and local assessments to monitor student learning and use results to guide instruction.

    • Extend learning for students who already mastered content and provide re-teaching/support for students struggling with content. 

    • Integrate technology tools into courses and activities when it can extend or improve the teaching and learning process OR promote innovation in that process.

    • Use real-world strategies to engage students in solving problems, using their hands, and seeing connections between content areas that include career connections and play/creativity/risk.