• 2016-2017 Teaching & Learning

    Long-Term Goal:  Refine clear and consistent curriculum across each grade and course that builds as students progress through the levels but nurture creativity and identity of schools and teachers.
    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Prepare Curriculum Online for All Courses at "Planned Course of Study" Level. (✔ Complete)
    • Design & Pilot In-Depth Review Cycle of Curriculum - Science  ( Complete)Complete


    Long-Term Goal: Ensure quality instruction that allows staff/teachers to meet the readiness of different students happening across teachers in all classrooms rather than in isolation. 

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Implement Part I of the Instructional Strategies Model Implemented & Tied to Evaluation Focus.  ( Complete)
    • Integrate Strategies to Educator Effectiveness & Differentiated Supervision Model.    ( Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Implement a balanced range of national, state and local assessments to monitor student learning and use results to guide instruction.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Asessment committees formed, continuum of curriculum-based assessments analyzed, pilot of alternative universal screeners begun. Universal screeners are given to all students in a grade level to identify learning needs and helps to make instructional decisions.  ( Complete)
    • Integrate Performance Tracker to Monitor Progress for All Students within Unites of Instruction for Eventual Real-Time Formative Monitoring. PSSA, Keystone Exam and current universal screener data enter.     ( Complete)
    • Revise & Realign Report Cards to Revised Curriculum & Standards at the K-6 Level.   ( Complete/Final Training & Implementation in 2017-2018)

    Long-Term Goal: Extend learning for students who already mastered content and provide re-teaching/support for students struggling with content.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Integrate RTII/MTSS Math Resources into the Curriculum. Created MTSS Math Decision Tree. Identify and implemented MTSS Math Interventions at each grade level..  ( Complete)
    • Develop Extension and Remediation Activities within Unit-Based Curriculum for All Courses for All Support Types at Each Level. Special education and gifted education teachers are collaborating with general education teachers to provide extension and remediation activities. (Not Started)               

    Long-Term Goal: Use real-world strategies to engage students in solving problems, using their hands, and seeing connections between content areas that include career connections and play/creativity/risk.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Identify & Integrate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Partnerships into Courses or Extend Learning Experiences.    ( Complete)
    • Create & Deploy Maker Space Design for Experiential Activities to Help Further Engage Students.  ( Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Integrate technology tools into courses and activities when it can extend or improve the teaching and learning process or promote innovation in that process.
    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Provide Targeted Professional Development on Technology Resources including SAMR Model to Establish a Common Language & Framework for Technology Integration.  ( Complete)
    •  Deploy K-6 Devices, Which Have Direct Links to Instruction & Learning Opportunities.    ( Complete)Return to Teaching and Learning