• 2017 – 2018 Teaching & Learning

    Long-Term Goal: Refine clear and consistent curriculum across each grade and course that builds as students progress through the levels but nurture creativity and identity of schools and teachers.  Complete

    Short-Term Goal/Action
    • Publish & Refine Curriculum Online (Complete)
    • Begin In-Depth Review with Two-Three Departments Per Year for Increased Depth in Each Content Area   (Complete)

    Long-Term Goal: Ensure quality instruction that allows staff/teachers to meet the readiness of different students happening across all classrooms rather than in isolation.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions

    • Implement Instructional Strategies Modules 1,2 & 3. (Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Implement a balanced range of national, state and local assessments to monitor student learning and use results to guide instruction.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions 
    • Implementation of Univeral Screeners for Grades K-7  & Grades 7-12 Special Education (STAR 360) & Grades 2 & 5 CogAT (Complete)
    • Evaluate Universal Screeners for Grades 8-12 (CDT), STAR360 & ALEKS. (Near Complete)
    • Develop &Deploy a Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing Common Assessments that Are Embedded into the Curriculum Framework. (Complete)
    • Integration of Electronic Gradebook & New Report Cards in Grade K-6. (Complete)
    • Review & Evaluate Progress Monitoring/Report Cards 7-12. (Extended to 2018-2019)
    • Integrate Performance Plus (Database  Warehouse ) to Monitor Student Progress across
      K-12. (Complete)

    Long-Term Goal: Extend learning for students who already mastered content and provide re-teaching/support for students struggling with content.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions

    • Implement  MTSS Math Resources in Grades 6-Algebra I. (Complete)
    • Evaluate MTSS Math/ELA Resources K-12. (Complete)
    • Revise & Implement Decision Tree for Math (Near Complete)  & ELA (Complete) in Grades K-6.
    • Evaluate Online Student Management Resources for MTSS Planning & Deployment. (Started) 
    Long-Term Goal:  Integrate technology tools into courses and activities when it can extend or improve the teaching and learning process or promote innovation in that process.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Targeted Professional Development on Technology Resources (Near Complete) & Digital Citizenship. (Varies by students versus staff.)
    • Integrate GoogleApps Suites in Grades 4-6.  (Complete)
    • Transition to Student Information System eSchool 4.0.  (Complete)
    • Evaluate Learning Management Systems.  (Ongoing)

    Long-Term Goal: Use real-world strategies to engage students in solving problems, using their hands, and seeing connections between content areas that include career connections and play/creativity/risk.

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Evaluate Maker Space Integration into Curriculum.  (Ongoing)
    • Integrate Problem-Bases INstruction into All Courses. (Ongoing)Return to Teaching and Learning