•  2018-2019 Teaching & Learning 
    Long-Term Goal: Refine clear and consistent curriculum across each grade and course that builds as students progress through the levels but nurture creativity and identity of schools and teachers.  
    Short-Term Goal/Action: Gauge
    • Continue In-Depth Review Cycle of Two to Three Departments per Year (Completed)          

     Long-Term Goal: Ensure quality instruction that allows staff/teachers to meet the readiness of different students happening across teachers in all classrooms rather than in isolation. 

    Short-Term Goal/Action
    • Implement Full Instructional Model 
    Long-Term Goal: Implement a balanced range of national, state and local assessments to monitor student learning and use results to guide instruction.
    Short-Term Goal/Action                 
    • Monitor Real-Time Progress of All Students within Units of Instruction.  (Completed)  

    Long-Term Goal: Integrate technology tools into courses and activities when it can extend or improve the teaching and learning process or promote innovation in that process.

    Short-Term Goal/Action

    • Offer Alternative Methods of Instruction (Online, Distance, Webinars) that Have Evidence of Supporting Learning While Reducing Costs.  (Completed)  
    Long-Term Goal: Use real-world strategies to engage students in solving problems, using their hands, and seeing connections between content areas that include career connections and play/creativity/risk.
    Short-Term Goal/Action

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    • Hold Project-Based Symposium that Is Connected to the Curriculum