• 2015-2016 Student Services & Programs 

    Students learn and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and morally.  Special programs, clubs, activities, and sports help provide the opportunity for that growth.

    Long-Term Goal:  Sustain focus on the whole child (e.g., academic, social, emotional, physical, and moral development).Completed Guage
    Short Term Goals/Action Items

    • Implement Student Assistance Programs (K-3) ( Completed)
    • Implement School-Based Mental Health Services (9-12). ( Completed)
    Long-Term Goal:  Utilize a team approach built on collaboration and shared responsibility for supporting students' needs by students, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators.

    Short Term Goals/Action Items

    • Complete School Counseling Overview ( Completed)
    • Evaluate Current Co-Teaching Practices ( Completed)
    Long-Term Goal: Refine the continuum of services for special education and increase awareness of those services.

    Short Term Goals/Action Items

    • Define & Communicate Current Continuum of  Special Education Supports & Services ( Completed)
    • Implement Specially-Designed Instruction for Special Education & General Education Teachers ( Completed)
    Long-Term Goal: Create a vision for gifted education and develop a continuum of services model.

    Short Term Goals/Action Items
    •    Review Identification Process of Gifted Learners  & Their Instructional Levels ( Completed)
    •    Research Exemplary Programs for Gifted Education & Create District Mode ( Completed)
    Long-Term Goal: Evaluate extra- and co-curricular activities across multiple criteria to determine current and future needs. 

    Short Term Goals/Action Items
    • Refine Annual Survey of Participation & Satisfaction of Technology  ( Completed)
    • Collect Data on Student Participation & Satisfaction (Not Started/Moved Forward)