• 2016-2017 Student Services & Programs 


    Students learn and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and morally.  Special programs, clubs, activities, and sports help provide the opportunity for that growth.


    Long-Term Goal: Sustain focus on the whole child (e.g., academic, social, emotional, physical, and moral development).Complete

    Short Term Goal/Action

    • Evaluate Whole Child Well Being.  Implemented school-based mental health services Grades 4-8. Initiate Suicide Awareness & Training. Analyze school climate data from 2015-2016. Created building activities to promote positive school climate( Complete)

    Long-Term Goal:  Utilize a team approach built on collaboration and shared responsibility for supporting students' needs by students, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators.

    Short Term Goal/Action

    • Plan/Implement Co-Teaching Professional Development. Researched co-teaching models, identified teams of co-teachers and provided training specific approaches. The co-teaching pilot has been started at the K-3 level.  ( Complete)

    Long-Term Goal:  Refine the continuum of services for special education and increase awareness of those services.

    Short Term Goal/Action

    • Evaluate effectiveness of current continuum. Developed and shared with principals staffing grid of special education and gifted education services and case loads at each grade level. Parent night planned regarding transition services.  ( Complete)
    • Continue implementation of specifically-designed instruction. Conducted annual pupil services sharing with all staff. We have begun internal auditing process monitoring of educational benefit.  ( Complete)

    Long-Term Goal:  Create a vision for gifted education and develop a continuum of services model.

    Short Term Goal/Action

    •  Provide professional development of district program & implement. Created the MTSS Model for gifted education. We have identified system of tiered interventions. We have revised the gifted education identification matrices.  ( Complete)

    Long-Term Goal:  Evaluate extra- and co-curricular activities across multiple criteria to determine current and future needs


    Short Term Goals/Actions

    • Conduct a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Current & Future Programs & Structure.  ( Complete)