• 2016-2017 Finance & Operations 

    Effective management of our finances and decisions about operations form the foundation for possibilities connected to our educational programs.

    Long-Term Goal: Improve community understanding and engagement in the annual budget process to aid decision-making and consideration of potential tax increases.

    Short-Term Goal/Action
    • Revise Budget/Communications Center on Website to Increase Effectiveness & Reach. Complete
      (Tie to Communications)  ( Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Conduct a demographic study to guide future-focused facilities and capital funding plans.  ( Complete)

    Short-Term Goal/Action
    • Develop a 10-Year Master Facilities Plan.  ( Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Build a secure and reliable technology infrastructure flexible enough to meet district needs through 2025. ( Complete)

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Cabling & Networking (WiFI): Analysis, Design, Speficiation (Middle School)  ( Complete)
    • Develop Sustainable End-User Device Refresh Plan.  ( Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Set realistic expectations for alternate revenue and enhanced partnerships to support operations without impacting guaranteed, necessary funding. 

    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Set Direction with Foundations, Booster Groups and Other Donors. ( Complete)Return to Finance Operations
    • Determine Alternate Funding Targets and Connect to Budget Discussions.  ( Complete)