• 2017-2018 Workforce Development

    Not Started GuageAttracting, developing, and retaining high-quality staff members within a positive district culture is the most powerful strategy for meeting the needs of students and families.

    Long-Term Goal: Refine and enhance the evaluation process for all employees through the use of multiple measures and feedback to support 
    professional growth with the value placed
    on intrinsic motivation.
    Short-Term Goal/Action:
    • Implement Differentiated Supervision Model for Teachers (Complete)
    • Revise & IMplement Evaluation System for Support Staff (Complete)
    • IMplement Technology Solution for Evaluations (Complete)
    • Fully Deploy Evaluation Feedback Model (Complete)
    Long-Term Goal:  Improve continuity of the day-to-day educational program and operations through the staffing approach to substitute or temporary positions.
    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Implement New Staffing Strategies. (Not Started)
    • Identify & Implement Strategies to Improve Quality of Instruction by Substitute Teachers (Not Started)
    Long-Term Goal: Align the professional development plan for all staff with strategic direction, staff needs, and legal compliance (not one-size-fits-all).
    Short-Term Goal/Action:
    • Refine Professional Development Plan Based on Stakeholder Feedback & Align with Kirkpatrick Model (Near Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Induct new staff into the district culture and support them throughout their years at Pine-Richland. 
    Short-Term Goals/Actions:
    • Update Orientation Process. (Complete)Return to Workforce Development
    • Implement New Induction Program. (Complete)
    • Develop & Implement Training for Paraprofessionals (Near Complete)