• 2017-2018 Communication & Engagement

    An excellent school district has effective communication systems and a high degree of satisfaction, engagement, and support of students, parents, staff, and the community.

    Long-Term Goal: Foster efficient and effective district communications that promote dialogue with key stakeholders (two-way).
    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Develop/Implement Survey with Key Partners & Suppliers  (Complete)Near Complete
    • Redesign Web & Include Accessibility Features (Complete)

    Long-Term Goal: Build collaboration and connections with community residents who do not have children in the district.

    Short-Term Goal/Action
    • Form Community Leadership Group or Method for Systematic Listening - Athletic Office begins work via committee for an athletic hall of fame. (Near Complete/Annual Community Group Moved to 2018-2019)

    Long-Term Goal: informational sessions/training opportunities for volunteers and parents to support teaching and learning and to increase awareness of important educational issues

    Short-Term Goal/Action: 
    • Continue Development of Systematic Evaluation & Delivery of Sessions on Topics That Impact Families Periodic - Workshops for families through pupil services. (Complete)

    Long-Term Goal: Provide strategic plan updates and continue stakeholder engagement throughout the implementation of the 2015 - 2019 plan. 

    Short-Term Goal/Action: 
    • (Create a Performance Dashboard to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Initiatives  (Complete)
    • Provide Quarterly & Strategic Plan Midpoint Updates (Board Meetings, Superintendent Messages & Website Updates)  (Complete)
    • Provide Quarterly Updates on Strategic Plan  (Complete)

    Long-Term Goal: Sustain partnerships with workforce groups (PREA, ESPA, Act 93, Administrative Support & Vendors)

    • Create & IMplement Suggestion Box 2.0 (Complete)
    • Review & Refine Food Service Program Options (Complete)
    • IMplement Transportation Communication Management System (Complete)
    Long-Term Goal: Increase student input for the improvement of educational programs
    Short-Term Goals/Actions
    • Senior Leader Focus Groups at Each School Tied to Survey Results & Tied to Survey Results & In-Depth Program Reviews - Minute meetings at Eden Hall; Curriculum review (high school student input); & student surveys. (Complete)Return to Communication & Engagement