• Policy 118: Independent Study

    The PR School Board shall support the approval of a course of independent study for a properly qualified student, as recommended by the superintendent, on the condition that the student will demonstrate achievement of established academic standards as a result of participation in the independent study.



    The purposes of independent study shall be to:

    1. Extend the learning experience of the course or courses within the Pine-Richland Program of Studies.
    2. Develop a student's judgment and self-reliance in the conduct of the learning experience.
    3. Relate academic knowledge to the world of work and learning beyond the school.
    4. Draw upon community resources as well as school resources for a student's educational program.
    5. Include a greater variety of learning experiences within the educational program.
    6. Identify and explore an area of particular interest.
    7. Set personal learning goals and work toward achieving them, with appropriate staff guidance.
    8. Learn to utilize various research tools and methods.
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