Important Information As You Begin Application Process

      Click here to log into the facilities request application system. 

    To ensure that the buildings and fields are maintained at the highest levels, the district requires an application process for use of building and athletic space. Before you begin the process, some important details include: 
    • All district buildings will be closed if school is cancelled on your event date. You will not have access to the building.

    • During the school year, all locations are only available after classes have ended for the day. Those times are as follows:

      • 2:40 p.m. - Pine-Richland High School & Pine-Richland Middle School
      • 3:15 p.m. - Eden Hall Upper Elementary School
      • 4:00 p.m. - Primary Buildings (Hance, Richland and Wexford Elementary Schools)

    • The PRHS Pool is unavailable to the public.


    Application Process for Requesting SpaceLogin

    • To request space, you need to log into the online system or if new to the system, you need to create a user log-in account. You will then log in to review building calendars to see what space is available. When ready, select space and date/time. 

    • If you need equipment (chairs, tables, microphone, etc.), please open the "Other Needs" tab after you have requested your room/space.   Here you can check off chairs, tables, microphones, garbage cans, etc.

    • The request must be received at least 45 days in advance (Class II, III & IV) and 14 days for Class I.  Click here to log into the facilities request application system. 

      (View video on how to log-in.)  Facility use requests that do not fall within the specified timelines will be considered on a case by case basis.

    • If opening a "new requester" account, please create an organization/client name utilizing the follow basic parameters:

      • PR  - District wide related groups
      • HS - Pine-Richland High School related groups
      • MS - Pine-Richland Middle School related groups
      • EH - Eden Hall Upper Elementary related groups
      • RE - Richland Elementary related groups
      • HE - Hance Elementary related groups
      • WE  - Wexford Elementary related groups

      • For Class I & II Groups,  please use specific two-letter codes, all caps, at the beginning. (Ex. "HS Student Government".
      • For Class III or IV groups, please simply use your company's, or organization's name.

    • Facilities Use administrators will cross reference your request for potential conflicts.  While a space may not appear booked on a calendar yet, there very well could be a prior-pending request for the same space at the same time as your new inquiry.  All things being equal, applications will be finalized in the order received.

    • Class I (school district) groups will always receive priority over requests made by Class II, III and IV Groups regardless of when requests are received.  Please refer to the Pine-Richland School Board Use of Facilities Policy 707 for a complete breakdown on the applicant-class hierarchy.

    • If requesting kitchen equipment, you must fill out this form  and  return to Sodexo Food Services Manager via email at rwilson@pinerichland.org. If in need of catering, you have the option of contacting food services. Click here for details. You can also call 724-625-3550 with additional questions.

    • Current Insurance Certificates and/or follow up questions should be directed to Use of Facilities Coordinator at facilities@pinerichland.org or (724) 625-7773, ext. 6200. Fax: (724) 625-1490.   All Class II, III and IV facility use applicants must at all times carry and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance, providing minimum single limits of $1,000,000 for personal injury and property damage for each occurrence, from a carrier acceptable to the district. As part of the permit application process, the applicant must submit a certificate evidencing the required coverage.

    • If the administration determines that police or security services are required, the organization requesting use of the building or facility in question shall be required to contract independently with the district's security firm or the local police department as a condition precedent to use of such building or facility. The requesting organization may also be required to present written verification that the required security arrangements have been made prior to and as a condition precedent to its use of the building or facility requested.
    • Depending upon the size, nature and location of the event, the district will designate a facilities site manager to act as the district’s on-site representative. All applicants granted a facilities use permit are required to fully cooperate with the district’s designated on-site representative at all times and to follow his/her lawful directions.

    • Please review on-site restrictions set forth by Policy 707 by clicking here