Onsite Restrictions

    Applicants granted a facilities use permit under this policy are strictly prohibited from engaging in or permitting any of the following activities to occur during their use of the district’s buildings and facilities:

    • Possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and/or alcoholic beverages.
    • Possession of weapons of any kind, regardless of whether the individual possessing the weapon has a license to carry the weapon.
    • Conduct that would alter, damage or be injurious to any district property, equipment or furnishings.
    • Conduct that would constitute a violation of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and/or any other local, state or federal law and regulation. 
    • Gambling, games of chance, lotteries, raffles or other activities requiring a license under the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act, unless such activity has been expressly authorized by the Board or administration.
    • Use of tobacco products inside school buildings or anywhere on district property, including without limitation on athletic fields and stadiums.

    The district reserves the right to revoke the permit of any individual, group or organization and remove from the district premises any individual, group or organization that fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this policy and all other requirements and terms set forth in the Pine-Richland Facilities Use Application and Agreement.  Any individual, group or organization that violates the terms of Policy 707 shall be prohibited from any future use of the district’s facilities or buildings, except upon prior approval of the board.