• Dear Families:

    The window for parking permits for seniors and juniors has closed for the new school year.  Parking Lot Permits

    The following documents and information are required for the application.
    1. Student Demographic Information
    2. Student ID Number
    3. Student School-Provided Email Address
    4. Driver's License Number & Issue Date
    5. Vehicle Make, Model & Color
    6. Vehicle License Plate Number
    7. Vehicle Registration Number
    8. Insurance Company, Policy Number & Policy Effective Date
    9. Parent/Guardian Contact Information
    There are a limited number of parking spaces available on the high school campus. Seniors will be given preference as permits are assigned. Students will be asked to select their preferred parking lot; Athletic Office Lot or Stadium Lot. Once assigned, the spots are not transferable so please be sure to consider items such as driving a middle school sibling(s), location of after-school activities, and guidelines for arrival and dismissal prior to selecting your preferred parking lot.
    Students are notified by email once they complete an application form that was sent via their school email account. All applications will be reviewed for accuracy and parking permits will be assigned with preference given to seniors. Students will also receive a notice via their school-assigned email address once they have been assigned a parking permit detailing the times and location of parking meetings to pick up permits and turn in the required documentation.   
    Students who anticipate receiving their driver's license after the beginning of the year may apply for a permit if spots remain only after passing their driver's exam. If all spots have been assigned, the student's name will be placed on the waiting list. As spots open over the course of the year, they will be reassigned to students on the waiting list in the order in which applications were received.
    Mrs. Nancy Bowman, Principal
    Mr. Robert Puskas, Assistant Principal
    Mr. T.J. Salopek, Assistant Principal
    Ms. Stephanie Svilar, Assistant Principal
    Resources: Driving Guidelines.