Dress and Grooming

  • Students must wear appropriate clothing and footwear at all times. All students are expected to dress in a manner that promotes school pride and enhances the school’s image. Student dress and grooming must be consistent with the educational, health and safe environment of the school. Clothing must not be disruptive to the educational process or cause a health or safety risk. Clothing may not contain letters, symbols, or images that display or suggest sexual innuendo, sexual activity, profanity, gore or other obscene, vulgar, or lewd words or images; that depict, promote or incite violence or acts of violence, or illegal acts, or which promote, encourage or solicit the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other illegal substances. Revealing clothing (such as, by way of example, short skirts/shorts or attire that permits the exposure of undergarments, bare midriff or private body parts) is prohibited. Students deemed to be dressed inappropriately will have the opportunity to make adjustments to their attire. Repeated dress code violations may be dealt with as incidents of defiance of authority or insubordination. It remains the final decision of the administration in cases of questionable attire. Students and parents should carefully review policies 220 Student Expression/Distribution and Posting of Materials and 221 Dress and Grooming and make responsible decisions.

    You can read more about other district guidelines in the discipline code.