• Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries—Policy 824

    Books with Title of Policies Policy 824—Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries—applies to district employees, volunteers, student teachers and independent contractors and their employees who interact with students or are present on school grounds. All adults shall be expected to maintain professional, moral and ethical relationships with district students that are conducive to an effective, safe learning environment. 

    This policy addresses a range of behaviors that include not only obviously unlawful or improper interactions with students, but also precursor grooming and other boundary-blurring behaviors that can lead to more egregious misconduct.


    The board directs that all adults shall be informed of conduct that is prohibited and the disciplinary actions that may be applied for violation of board policies, administrative regulations, rules and procedures.


    This policy is not intended to interfere with appropriate pre-existing personal relationships between adults and students and their families that exist independently of the district or to interfere with participation in civic, religious or other outside organizations that include district students.

    Click here for guidelines and here for the full policy.