District Reviews, Approves & Updates Policies
    The Pine-Richland School District has been reviewing school policies over the past few years. Through this process, the Pine-Richland School District administration and board are able to study the policies to ensure they are meeting the specific needs of the schools and are in compliance with laws and regulations.
    Keeping up-to-date on policies is important, so we have created a guide (below) for you to review the newest and most recently updated policies. All policies undergo three readings at district board meetings prior to being approved. 
    Recently Approved & Updated Policies

    Policy 806 

    Child Abuse 
    The updated Child Abuse Policy 806 requires district employees, independent contractors and volunteers to comply with identification and reporting requirements for suspected child abuse under the Child Protective Services Law and the PA School Code. 
    You can review more about training, specific guidelines and the duty to report child abuse in Policy 806.


    Policy 822
    Policy 822, known as the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Policy, requires the district to maintain an AED system and train staff in CPR to enable responders to deliver early defibrillation and resuscitation to anyone who experiences sudden cardiac arrest. AED devices are found in every building and are available for use by anyone in an emergency. Review Policy 822.

    Policy 824

    Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries

    This new policy applies to district employees, volunteers, student teachers and independent contractors and their employees who interact with students or are present on school grounds. All adults shall be expected to maintain professional, moral and ethical relationships with district students that are conducive to an effective, safe learning environment.Read more about the guidelines and reporting procedures.
    Additional Policies
    The board approved, in 2015-2016, several policies that can be found on the district website, district board communication center and in the handbooks. Some important policies to review include:

    Nondiscrimination in Schools &  
    Classroom Practices - Policy 103
    StatusUpdated Policy 

    Nondiscrimination - Qualified Student  
    with Disabilities Grievance Process - Policy 
    Updated Policy 
    Independent Study - Policy 118
    Alternative Instructional Methods - Policy 124 
    StatusUpdated Policy 
    Class Rank - Policy 214
    StatusUpdated Policy 
    Suicide Awareness, Prevention & Response Policy - Policy 819
    Status: Newly Approved Policy
    Advertisement & Other Activity on Commercial Property - Policy 913.1
    Status: Updated Policy
    Board & Policy Resources

    Upcoming Board Meetings

    Board Policies  (Searchable Database)
    How-to- Document (Board Agendas)

    The district and board will continue reviewing policies throughout the year. We will alert families of any major changes or additions. You can join us at board and committee meetings to be a part of the discussion and also visit  www.pinerichland.org/policyupdates from time to time.