Welcome to the Eden Hall's School Counseling Website

    Welcome to the Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Counseling website.   Where every day matters for our students. We are glad you took the time to visit us and see what is happening at Eden Hall. 
    Our Goals for the Eden Hall School Counseling Program are to:
    • Connect with each and every student in the building and provide support in anyway needed
    • Provide developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons to each student building wide
    • Provide individualized student support groups focusing on topics ranging from coping skills/socialization to divorce and grief concerns 

    Resources for Parents 

    Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus Closures

    • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to social media and news stories about COVID-19.  It’s okay to stay informed, but overexposing ourselves to too much information can be stressful and overwhelming.  
    • Make sure you are still taking care of your body! Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and making sure we are still moving around can help us take care of our mental health.  Some ideas to consider:
    • Practice mindfulness and/or meditation.
    • Make sure to get some fresh air and sunlight, maybe sit by a window while doing homework/or reading, do a quick workout in your own yard, etc.
    • Use home workout videos to keep moving and exercising.  
    • Find some healthy recipes and try your hand at cooking, not only are you fueling your body with healthy food, but it could also be a fun experience!
    • Make time to connect with others who live in your home or with friends through phone calls or video chats. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.  
    • Practice hobbies and activities you enjoy.  It's important to keep up on school and work, but fun and enjoyment are also factors that promote positive mental health.  This could also be a good time to try something you’ve never had the time to do. Sites like Youtube have plenty of free how-to videos that can help you learn new skills, such as new dance moves, cooking techniques, or how to crochet.