Program Overview

  • Paint Splatter The aim of the elementary art program is to provide a positive art experience for all children while they learn to enjoy, appreciate and create art. Through the use of a wide variety of media, students are encouraged to express themselves in creative and individual ways as they create their own masterpieces using the elements and principles of design.

    Since primary students have a wide range of gross and fine motor skills, age appropriate, challenging lessons, stressing process over product, are designed to promote artistic growth. We look at and talk about various artists, major works of art and world cultures. Cross-curricular experiences are incorporated organically in the art room. These are very general guidelines as to what kids in a 1-3 art room are comfortable learning while at the same time challenged enough to promote artistic growth.

    While art class is a fun 40 minutes a week activity - that is not the purpose of art. The purpose is to provide young minds with another way to think, a space to take risks with permission to flop, to grow problem solving and critical thinking skills, to develop and instill a feeling of pride and self-confidence that will be beneficial in all aspects of life.