• 2021-2022 Hance PTO Board, Committees and Chairs 

    Board Members:    

    ,  President        

    Courtney B,  Co-VP                

    Meris H,  Secretary                 

    Beth K,  Treasurer: 



    (Committee’s plan events prior to day of event, Signup.com will continue to be used to sign-up for day of events volunteering. Please do not create a new account HPTO has one set up. Please contact your board liaison for the login information.)


    Committee: A group of Hance Parents formed for a specific PTO activity/fundraiser. Each PTO activity/fundraiser must have a committee. 

    Committee Members: Members are responsible for brainstorming, planning and carrying out the activity. Activity must first be proposed and approved by the principal Dr Greta Kuzilla and the PTO Board. Majority vote determines actions to be taken. Members of this committee report to the Committee chair and/or the Board liaison. Committee Members are to wear name tags identifying themselves as such at the event/fundraiser. 

    Board Liaison:  This is a member of the PTO Board that has volunteered and is assigned to this particular committee and serves as the contact for the committee and the committee-chair to the Board. Any and all questions or concerns should be funneled through the Liaison. 

    Committee Chair:  Heads up the committee for a particular PTO activity/fundraiser.  Chair's vote serves as the tie-breaker if the committee should not have a majority vote on a particular item.  Chair communicates with the Board Liaison. 

    Volunteer:  Any Hance parent that volunteers his/her time for a PTO sponsored event/fundraiser.  The volunteer contacts the committee chair or responds to a request for volunteers to express his/her interest. Volunteers report to committee chair for a particular event/fundraiser. *OPTIONAL* Volunteers are to wear name tags identifying themselves as such at the event/fundraiser. 

    Board Members:  All board members are encouraged to participate in any and all events as a volunteer and parent.  Any inquiries received from other parents or administration should be forwarded to the Board Liaison AND committee chair.  

    Hierarchy for an Activity


    Board Liaison 

    Committee Chair 

    Committee member 




    parents at large


    Committee Date(s) Committee Chair Email Committee Members Email(s) Volunteers day of event Board Liaison
    After School Program Sept to end March Marlena W         TREASURER
    Book Fair 9/7-9/10, 2/28-3/4 Jen G, Jessica T         SECRETARY
    Box Tops year round Tina P         SECRETARY
    Chick Fil A Rewards year round           VP
    Coke Rewards year round           TREASURER
    Decorating Year Round Cancelled          
    Dine Out Nights/kits Monthly Anne & Beth        


    Directory Aug-Sept Marlena W         VP
    Field Day 4/23-4/27           SECRETARY
    Find Classroom Day 8/19 Marlena W         TREASURER
    Flower Sale Fall pick up 10/23 cancelled          
    Flower Sales Spring

    pick up 4/24

    Marlena W         VP
    Gift of Time  on hold           PRESIDENT
    Grants School Year Round Treasurer        


    Holiday Shop 12/13-12/17 cancelled          
    Holiday Staff Luncheon winter 12/21 Marlena W Jen G        


    Homeroom Coordinator(lead) Sept-June  Heidy F         VP
    Ice Cream Social 9/17 Abby, Heidy  
    Bridget H, Emily G, Anne Rogel Ashley A
      Leah K, Krista B PRESIDENT
    Kids of Steel             VP
    Kindercamp 6/14-6/16 board provides information         PRESIDENT
    Pizza Bingo 3/25 cancelled          
    Plant Day             SECRETARY
    Primary Prom Family Night 6/3 Lisa C   Ashley A     VP
    Raffle Baskets/Donations for Events             TREASURER
    Redistricting Event (July 14) 7/14 Marlena W         VP
    School Pictures 10/21 m/u 12/3, 4/5?           TREASURER
    Shoe Donation Program Sept-Nov Leslie S         PRESIDENT
    Skate Party/Off Site Hance Days Throughout the school year           SECRETARY
    Social Media Coordinator All year Beth K and Jen G         VP
    Spirit Wear done throughout yr Natalie M   Abby C     PRESIDENT
    Spring Staff Appreciation Luncheon 5/12           VP
    Story Walking (Authors Day) 2/28-3/4 Jessica P   Jessica T     SECRETARY
    Third Grade Carnival /Gift 6/3 Abby C         PRESIDENT
    Welcome Back Staff Breakfast 9/10 Board, signup set up         PRESIDENT
    Year Book August- March Abby C         PRESIDENT
    Zroni Sales January Marlena W         VP
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