• School Counseling Services We Provide

    Your School Counselor

    • is a certified/licensed educator with a Master's degree in School Counseling.
    • addresses all students' academic, personal/social and career development needs.
    • advocates on the behalf of his or her students.
    • promotes equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all.
    • collaborates with others in the school and community.

    Services We Provide

    • Individual Counseling: Meet individually with students to address academics, post graduation options and personal concerns.
    • Small Group Counseling: Meet with small groups of students to discuss issues of common interest/concern.
    • Classroom Guidance (in collaboration with classroom teachers): Present career-related, social skills and academic information to all students through classroom presentations.

    How We Help Students Overcome Educational Barriers Through

    • Preventative Services: Provide students with the skills they need to face certain problems or conflicts that may arise in the future.
    • Support Services: Provide support for students who may be dealing with life problems or conflicts that hinder educational performance.
    • Remedial Services: Consists of following up with students overcoming adversity or crisis.

    Some Examples of Ways We Can Help:

    Academic Development:

    Personal/Social Development:

    Career Development:

    Time Management

    Identify Personal Strengths

    Career Planning


    Effective Communication Skills

    Career Exploration

    Test Taking

    How to Make and Keep Friends

    Setting Career Goals

    Study Skills

    Conflict Resolution

    Post Graduation Options


    Making Healthy Choices

    Choose the Right Path

    Setting and Reaching Goals

    Problem Solving



    Decision Making


    Progress towards Graduation

    Stress Management