Services We Provide

  • Your School Counselor

    • Is a certified/licensed educator with a master's degree in school counseling.
    • Addresses all students' academic, personal/social and career development needs.
    • Advocates on behalf of his or her students.
    • Promotes equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all.
    • Collaborates with others in the school and community.

    Services We Provide

    • Individual Counseling: Meet individually with students to address academics, post-graduation options and personal concerns.
    • Small Group Counseling: Meet with small groups of students to discuss issues of common interest/concern.
    • Classroom Guidance (in collaboration with classroom teachers): Present career-related, social skills and academic information to all students through classroom presentations.

    How We Help Students Overcome Educational Barriers Through

    • Preventative Services: Provide students with the skills they need to face certain problems or conflicts that may arise in the future.
    • Support Services: Provide support for students who may be dealing with life problems or conflicts that hinder educational performance.
    • Remedial Services: Consists of following up with students overcoming adversity or crisis.

    Ways We Can Help

    Academic Development:

    Personal/Social Development:

    Career Development:

    Time Management

    Identify Personal Strengths

    Career Planning


    Effective Communication Skills

    Career Exploration

    Test Taking

    How to Make and Keep Friends

    Setting Career Goals

    Study Skills

    Conflict Resolution

    Post-Graduation Options


    Making Healthy Choices

    Choose the Right Path

    Setting and Reaching Goals

    Problem Solving





    Progress towards Graduation

    Stress Management