Summer School Credit Recovery

  • Incomplete Grades

    Students who have not completed the work required for a class are given an "I" for incomplete on their report card.

    Students have two weeks after the report card is distributed to complete the missing work. If the work is not completed within two weeks of distribution of the report card, the incomplete becomes an "F" for failure.

    Options to Make Up a Failed Course

    To recover credits necessary for graduation, a required subject that is failed may be made up in one of the following ways:

      • Repeat the course the following academic year
      • Attend a regularly accredited summer school
      • Pass a licensed correspondence course that has prior approval (See your counselor for additional information)
      • Take the course online over the summer
    If you are planning on taking a course over the summer, you MUST receive approval from a school official. Click here for the approval form.

    Summer School

    Summer school is available for qualifying students but is not offered at our high school. Please be aware that there are two types of summer school, enrichment and credit recoveryl. Enrichment summer school classes are designed for students to enhance their education by taking courses that they previously have not completed, or are not currently offered, at Pine-Richland High School. Credit recovery classes are designed for students that have failed a course and need to repeat the class in order to recover the credit.

    Students may enroll in approved enrichment programs which are offered at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). There courses are taken for enrichment purposes only and the cost for these courses is the responsibility of the student and family. In order to receive grade and credit for theses courses, a student must also pass Pine-Richland's final examination in the course.

    Online remedial courses are offered through Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) and Keystone Credit Recovery.