• Retakes


    A student may retake a Keystone Exam in which he or she did not score at or above the proficient level so long as the student received supplemental instruction. There is no limit on the number of times a student who did not score proficient on a Keystone Exam can retake the test. When a student has earned a score at the proficient level, he/she may not retake the Keystone Exam to earn a higher score.

    Pine-Richland School District will administer the relevant Keystone Exam as an end-of-course test following the course identified in the Program of Studies. This end-of-course exam will usually be given in the spring testing window after completion of that course. If a student’s overall score does not meet the proficient level, he/she will receive supplemental instruction beginning in the subsequent school year. The first retake (i.e., second attempt) will occur during the winter testing window. Supplemental instruction will continue pending the outcome of that retake. If a student continues to earn an overall score that does not meet the proficient level, he/she will continue supplemental instruction until the second retake (i.e., third attempt) in the spring testing window.

    This approach ensures that supplemental instruction is provided as close to the end-of-course as possible without extending too far into other instructional opportunities. After the third attempt, the student may continue to retake the exam or complete the local requirements. While the summer window provides another opportunity for retesting a Keystone Exam, the district does not anticipate receiving results from PDE with enough time to coordinate supplemental instruction and/or exam registration.


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