•  Pretest Per regulations, students may become eligible to take a Keystone Exam prior to taking the course by scoring at the advanced level on the relevant PSSA assessment immediately preceding that course. If a student is eligible to “pretest” a Keystone Exam and scores at the proficient or advanced level on that test prior to taking the course, the student will not need to retake the Keystone Exam after taking the course. A student will not receive course credit on the high school transcript based on their performance on a Keystone Exam “pretest.” In the areas of Biology and Algebra 1, a student “pretesting” at the Advanced level can move to the next course in sequence. 
    For example, a seventh grade student may be enrolled in a Pre-Algebra course. If that student scored at the Advanced level on the sixth grade PSSA Mathematics assessment, he or she will be offered the opportunity – if desired – to attempt the Keystone Exam for Algebra 1. The student would take the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam prior to taking the course. If a Proficient performance level is earned, the student’s score is “banked” for graduation purposes and may not be retaken later. If an Advanced performance level is earned, the student may “skip” the Algebra 1 course and move directly to Geometry as an eighth grader. A student will not receive course credit on the high school transcript for the “skipped” course.
    Parents/guardians have the right to review any state assessment to determine whether the assessment conflicts with their religious beliefs. That review must occur on school grounds according to the procedures outlined by the PDE. In asserting a religious objection to the assessment, a parent/guardian must explain their objection in their written request for excusal. Per Pine-Richland graduation policy #217, students who do not take the Keystone Exam(s) under the parental opt-out provision must score at the proficient level or above on the local assessment or PBA for each subject area required for graduation.  
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