Graduation Planning

  • Graduation Planning

    The decisions in selecting a student's high school program are extremely difficult.

    The competition of college entrance, job placement and the need for post-secondary preparation have made it more important than ever to plan wisely with close cooperation between parents and school. Besides required courses, students can elect other courses that appeal to them.

    When making course selections, students must take into account requirements for college or job placement. This need is the reason for a close working relationship among parents, students and the counseling office. 

    To pursue an education beyond high school, students must place emphasis upon the academic areas, which include:

    • Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • World Languages

    It is also important that students investigate whether the educational institutions of their choice have programs they desire and what the entrance requirements are. Students also should make certain that prerequisites for desired courses have been satisfied. 

    Graduation Requirements

    Required Credits 
    Please consult our graduation site to review credit requirements by clicking here.

    Recommended Credits
    Three years of the same world language, while not required for graduation, are strongly recommended for all students. Four years in math and four years of science is strongly recommended for students intending to apply to competitive colleges. 

    Promotion Requirements

      • For promotion from ninth to tenth grade, a student must have earned at least 6 credits in ninth grade.
      • For promotion from tenth to eleventh grade, a student must have earned a combined total of at least 12 credits in ninth and tenth grades.
      • For promotion from eleventh to twelfth grade a combined total of at least 18 credits is required.  

    Special Considerations

      • Regardless of the number of promotion credits, students must pass all required subjects to graduate.
      • The Graduation Project must be successfully completed in order to graduate.

    Promotion requirements are reviewed at the end of each year. Students and parents are informed if a student is not prompted.

    Program of Studies

    See for the Program of Studies. Students and their family members who have questions regarding the information contained in the Program of Studies should contact the school counselor or one of the principals. 

    US Selective Service

    All male U.S. citizens and male aliens, ages 18-25, are required to register with Selective Service at