• Music Reward for your HARD WORK and great effort in the lab!

    Children who have earned the privilege of bringing their own portable music player to use and listen to while they work in my lab must follow these guidelines (NO EXCEPTIONS):

    1.  Parents/Guardians must first approve of you bringing your music device to school.

    2.  The music device can be ANY portable device WITH headphones or earbuds that plays music EXCEPT a cell phone.  Student cell phones are to be powered down and in backpacks during the school day. 

    3.  If your parent/guardian approves of the music on your device and approves of your listening to it, ONLY YOU can listen to that music.  You MAY NOT share your earbuds or headphones or any other means of playing music for other students to hear.  The music is only for YOU to listen to while you work.

    4.  Your music shall be played at a volume where only you can hear it.  If anyone else in the lab can hear it, the volume is too high and must be turned down.

    5.  You MAY NOT plug headphones into the school computers and listen to online radio or music.

    6.  You MAY NOT connect to school wifi and listen to online radio or music with your own device.  The music MUST be music downloaded to your device that you and your parents/guardians approve of you listening to while you work.


    Rock on and Keyboard on! 

    Mrs. DeHart