Frequently Asked Questions

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    When should my child take the PSAT/SAT/ ACT ?

    • PSAT: Students should take the test in their sophomore year for practice if they have had geometry. All college-bound students should take the PSAT in their junior year, even if they have already taken it in sophomore year. Students who score high as a junior may qualify for National Merit status and possible scholarships
    • SAT/ACT: All college bound students should take these tests during the junior and senior years. Most juniors take the SAT/ ACT for the first time in the spring of 11th grade but they may be taken in the fall or winter if Algebra 2 has been completed

    How often is the PSAT offered?

    • The PSAT is offered once a year in October

    What is the difference between the SAT and the SAT Subject Test?

    • The SAT test has three sections - Evidenced based reading, math and writing.
    • The SAT Subject Test are one hour tests on a specific subject which many selective colleges may require in addition to the SAT Reasoning or the ACT test

    How do I know if my child should take the SAT Subject Test?

    • Check with the college directly to see what the test requirements are before applying in the senior year. The Subject Tests are recommended for highly selective colleges. Some colleges will accept the ACT test as a replacement

    How do I register for PSAT / SAT/ACT?

    • PSAT: Juniors do not need to register. Information will be available in September for interested 10th grade students.
    • SAT: Register online at
    • ACT: Register online at

    What is placed on the high school transcript?

    • Final grade for each course a student completes during his/her high school career
    • Course title, credit attempted, credit completed and term GPA for each year
    • Student"s academic GPA, total credits attempted, total credits earned and testing information
    • Enter date, graduation year of the student and the 11th grade PSSA results for Math, Reading and Writing

    How do I know whether or not to include my rank on my transcript?

    • Students should meet with their guidance counselor to determine whether they should request their rank appear on the transcript

    What is sent to the colleges besides my transcript?

    Colleges are sent the:

      • Student"s senior class schedule
      • Secondary School Report
      • PRHS Profile

    If requested, a counselor recommendation will also be sent (students must supply a resume to his/her counselor). Please allow ten days for the counselor to complete and mail