Summer Workshops

  • Creating Your Common Application

    Creating Your College List

    How To Request Your Transcript and/or Letters of Recommendation

    Common App Account Matching (by Powerschool)



      • College Planning Night (Virtual) 2022
        • by The University of Miami (FL)

      • Colleges I'm Applying To (Building Your List)
        • by Hobsons


      • Streaming Audio Podcast
        • by National Association for College Admission Counseling
          • The college admission process can be long, bewildering, and anxiety-producing for students and their families. Many are looking for the secret formula for getting admitted to the “right” school where a student can grow, learn, and thrive. How does a student find that right school? What are colleges really looking for in an applicant? And what really goes on “behind the curtain” when college admission offices consider a student’s application?

      • Streaming Video - "Letter of Recommendation Request"
        • by Hobsons


      • Streaming Video & Audio (interactive slideshow) - Your Path to the Student-Athlete Experience
        • The NCAA Customer Service Center provides this narrated overview of the initial-eligibility process for students and parents.


    • Streaming Video & Audio (podcast) - How to Request Your Transcript
      • Pine-Richland High School's Director of Collegiate Affairs, Jean Whalen, shows students how to request their transcript and submit it to colleges. 

    • Streaming Audio  (MP3) - How Colleges Read Applications
      • Shawn Abbot is currently the Director of Admissions at Stanford University. Previously, he was Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Columbia University and Assistant Director of Admissions at Boston University. He is a doctoral candidate in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in urban studies at Columbia University. In addition to his many contributions to the field of higher education, Shawn appeared as a member of the scholarships committee in the ABC reality show, The Scholar. 
    •  Streaming Video & Audio - How To FAFSA
      • The Regents of the University of California produced this video in 2016 that provides a tutorial through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Yale Admissions Podcasts

  • (Everything cascading below comes courtesy the Yale College of Undergraduate Admissions)

    Go inside the admissions process. 

    Admissions Officers Hannah and Mark share the complex and dynamic work happening inside the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The podcast gives firsthand accounts of how officers read applications, make decisions within the Admissions Committee, and collaborate with other offices and resource centers. Yale College receives more than 35,000 applications annually for a first-year class of 1,550 students. Hannah and Mark give an inside look into the strategies and processes that enable admissions officers to attract promising applicants from around the world, consider every applicant through a whole-person review process, and build a class filled with strong students from an amazingly diverse collection of backgrounds. Recorded inside the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on Hillhouse Avenue, this new podcast pulls back the curtain to reveal some of Yale’s most fascinating and rewarding work.

    All episodes are embedded below: 

    Episode 1: Reading

    Hannah and Mark discuss how officers read applications, make notes, confer with colleagues, and prepare to present applicants to the Admissions Committee. Every year officers read more than 35,000 applications cover to cover and collectively make admissions decisions on each one. Admissions Officers Julian and John join as guests to discuss their strategies for reading and rating files.

    Episode 2: Committee

    Every admissions decision is made by a committee composed of five members of the Yale community. Hannah and Mark take listeners inside a real admissions committee discussion and describe how the members reach consensus and make decisions. Admissions Officers Jill and Alfie join as guests to discuss their roles as a committee presenter and a committee chair.

    Episode 3: COVID-19

    As COVID-19 causes massive disruptions around the world, Hannah and Mark discuss how the Yale Admissions Office has adapted and will continue adapting to new realities for applicants, admitted students, and prospective students. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jeremiah Quinlan joins as a guest to discuss how high school students should think about the selective admissions process in the face of the global pandemic.

    Episode 4: Essays: What Works

    Part 1 of 3. The most effective application essays help admissions officers understand who students are and the contributions they would make to a community. There’s no formula or perfect essay topic, but Hannah and Mark discuss what makes an essay work for an applicant. Admissions officer Keith joins to share insights on the choices that can be most effective when writing an essay.

    Episode 5: Essays: What Doesn't Work

    Part 2 of 3. Application essays are an opportunity to speak directly to admissions officers and share meaningful insights and reflections. Unsuccessful essays miss that opportunity. Hannah and Mark share some of the ineffective choices that regularly appear in essays and discuss why each choice doesn’t work to the student’s benefit.

    Episode 6: Essays: The Little Stuff

    Part 3 of 3. Most colleges ask applicants to respond to several shorter questions that are unique to their school. Hannah and Mark discuss what officers look for when reviewing responses to Yale-specific questions. Admissions officer Reed joins to share the admissions office’s process of writing and reviewing those questions at the end of each admissions cycle.

    Episode 7: QuestBridge

    The Yale Admissions Office is a proud partner with QuestBridge, a national non-profit organization that connects students from low-income backgrounds with leading colleges and universities. Mark and Hannah interview QuestBridge Founder and CEO Ana McCullough about the organization’s strategy for matching top low-income students with full-need scholarships at top schools. Admissions officer Corrine also joins to share how Yale admissions staff review QuestBridge applications.

    Episode 8: Interviews

    Many applicants have an evaluative interview with a Yale student or alum as part of the application process. Hannah and Mark talk with Dara, the director Yale’s interviewing program, about how interviews work and what applicants can expect. They share do’s and don’ts for the interview and discuss how interview reports are considered in Yale’s holistic review process.

    Episode 9: Recommendation Letters

    Every application to Yale includes three letters of recommendation – two from classroom teachers and one from a counselor. Admissions Officer Moira joins Hannah and Mark to share advice on selecting recommenders and tips for educators when writing on behalf of applicants. The officers share how effective letters can bolster and enhance an application, and they express their gratitude to the educators who write for their students.

    Episode 10: Supplementary Materials

    Applicants to Yale who have highly-developed artistic talents or experience with advanced STEM research have the option to include supplementary material with their application. Admissions Officer John joins Hannah and Mark to discuss Yale’s evaluation process for these submissions. Although most successful applicants do not submit supplementary materials, the officers share how evaluators rate submissions and who can benefit from including an arts or STEM supplement with the application.

    Episode 11: Mythbusters

    The first installment in an occasional miniseries. Admissions Officer Jill joins Mark and Hannah to discuss and debunk some of the most persistent admissions myths. The officers review six common myths, covering topics that range from early action to demonstrated interest to online message boards. For each, they discus why the myth is inaccurate while revealing the small kernel of truth at its core.

    Episode 12: COVID-19 Update

    Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Hannah and Mark give an update on the admissions office’s rapid changes to work that would normally include thousands of in-person meetings and travel around the world. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jeremiah Quinlan joins to discuss updates to the selection process, sharing what changed and what stayed the same during the Admissions Committee’s first meetings to select applicants to the Yale Class of 2025.

    Episode 13: What Stands Out

    Most applicants to Yale are strong along many dimensions, but only a small group truly stand out. Hannah and Mark discuss how admissions officers try to gauge what an applicant would add to and take from the Yale experience. Admissions officer Keith adds insights about what makes applicants stand out in Yale’s large and diverse pool of prospective students.

    Episode 14: Likely Letters

    Admissions officer Ashleigh joins Hannah and Mark to talk about likely letters – a recruiting tool the admissions office uses with a small group of applicants each year. In this mini-episode, the office’s director of recruitment explains why some regular decision applicants receive a likely letter and addresses some common misconceptions.

    Episode 15: Dealing with Decisions

    With decision day approaching, Hannah and Mark share advice for understanding and processing each type of decision: denied, admitted, and placed on the wait list. They discuss what each decision means (and doesn’t mean) about an individual, the applicant pool, and what comes next. They share the wisdom of former Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel: “Almost nothing depends on exactly which college admits you. Everything depends on what you decide to do once you get to college.”

    Episode 16: Transfer and Nontraditional Students

    The transfer and nontraditional students programs make up a small but important part of the admissions office’s work to create a diverse undergraduate community. Hannah and Mark cover the basics of applying through either program and share the office’s approach to reviewing these applications. Director of transfer admissions Marisa shares advice for transfer applicants – especially those enrolled in community colleges – and director of Eli Whitney admissions Patricia shares insights for nontraditional students – especially US military veterans.

    Episode 17: The Choices Game

    In the process of putting together their applications, students make countless choices. To help applicants understand which choices are more or less likely to help their candidacies, Hannah and Mark invite their colleague John to join in a game of up-voting and down-voting common application choices. While none of these choices will make or break an application, the officers explain why certain choices are more or less beneficial during the review process.