PRMS-TV Earns Large PROF Grant

  • PR Opportunities Fund

    The Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund, PROF,  awarded PRMS-TV (aka "The Middle Meadow) $14,370 towards the new club's brand new television studio.

    (Please click on the image above for more information about this generous organization.)

    Thanks to PROF our students now get to play with some really high-tech toys and cover their classmates in full HD. (See below)


  •      PROF grant's camera

    PROF grant covers production gear:
    JVC Video Cameras (3)... dual purpose

    • Studio Camera
      • Can output video & audio into broadcast computer
    • Field Camera
      • Students may use for on location news coverage
      • Students may use for on location film-making
      • Records in 1080p (HD) to 4 K
      • Professional Audio Inputs (XLR connections)


  • Broadcast Studio Computer

    PROF Grant Gifts HD Broadcast Studio computer:

    • TriCaster Mini
      • Four HD inputs
      • Virtual Sets
      • HD Video Playback
      • LIVE Streaming & Recording
      • “NDI” Connectivity
        • PRMS-TV can share and receive all video sources from:
          • PRTV's main high school television studio
          • PRTV's mobile studio (used during Stadium events)