Dear PRSD School Community,
    PR Logo Spectator Expectations The Pine-Richland School District is fortunate to offer diverse opportunities for our students. The purpose of this message is to reinforce school district policy and expectations for public attendance at school events. While we share these expectations with our students, these same expectations apply to our adult spectators. Night and weekend events are scheduled in the stadium, fields, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and classrooms.
    As outlined in Board Policy #904, the use of tobacco and possession and use of controlled substances, alcohol, and weapons are prohibited on school premises. In addition, the board has the authority to prohibit the attendance of any individual whose conduct may constitute a disruption to the school event.
    If a spectator has concerns in this area, he or she may direct those concerns to a member of the district staff working the event for further action. The health, safety and welfare of students and the general public is a significant responsibility for K-12 public school districts. Based on the circumstance, local law enforcement may be notified.
    Also, spectators should be aware that outside coolers are not permitted to be brought into an event. Concession stands and/or water fountains are available. Exceptions, due to medical need or special circumstance, should be discussed with the site manager of the event.
    Thank you again for your support of the Pine-Richland School District.