Pine Richland Theater Class 2019-2020
  • About Us

    This advanced acting and production course is designed for students with a serious interest in acting and production.  Students consider human behavior and observation through Stanislavski's Method. Daily activities such as situational, character, and spontaneous improvisation are coupled with classic dramatic scenes to enhance their craft. During the fall semester students begin the process of  preparing for main stage production starting with script selection, casting, stage design, light design, costume, and even house management.   Students actively participate daily in the rehearsal process and production meetings, and end with a public performance.  Students interested in technical theater and directing may be considered for assistant positions. 


    About the Show

    PR Theater class is proud to present The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a timeless classic originally written by C.S Lewis.  Our reasoning for choosing this show to perform is based around the PRIDE and RAMSWAY ideals of our school.  We plan to represent each PRIDE letter and RAMSWAY during the duration of this production.  By working alongside other clubs and classes within Pine Richland, we hope to produce a show that will successfully raise money to place towards Prader-Willi syndrome. We also hope to entertain fellow students and others in our district through hard work and a great show!