K-6 Report Card Upgrades

    Pine-Richland School District upgraded the K-6 grade book and report card upgrades.Home Access
    The electronic report card is more "refrigerator-friendly" look and has a higher level overview of a student's performance. Parents can dig deeper for more information within the online grade book and look at individual categories and competencies. 
    This system will be new to many of our teaching professionals, so we appreciate your patience and support as we slowly begin implementing the tool.
    Additional enhancements will allow:
    • K-3  families to see grades posted online.
    • K-6 families to see a new layout, which will allow student progress to be presented by subject and competency and to be able to select from multiple views to see the data differently.
    • K-6 families to see additional information if students are doing above grade level and enrichment work.
    • K-6 families to see indicator marks for six new Pine-Richland identified "Learner Attributes" of successful students, which include:
      • Manages emotional/physical self-control
      • Demonstrates respect for self and others
      • Works cooperatively with peers
      • Engages in learning activities and discussions
      • Able to push through when faced with challenges
      • Works independently
    Additional information about the K-6 updates in each grade level is included below to assist parents in navigating and understanding the marking indicators and letter grades. The blue highlighted areas provide a definition of each indicator. The highlighted grades provides more detail on what parents can see on the electronic report card.  

    Grading Scale
    Grading Scale
    Special Area 
    Grading Scale
    A= 90-100%
    B= 80-89%
    C= 70-79%
    D= 60-69%
    F= 59% and Below