• Dressing for Cold Weather

    In the winter months, we utilize outdoor recess for our students (K-6) when possible and conditions permit. To ensure your child's comfort, please plan for outdoor recess when preparing or assisting with your child's clothing and outerwear selections each day. 

    Hats, coats, gloves and boots/proper footwear are encouraged to be sent to school with your child throughout the winter months. Students preferring to wear shorts year round should be dressed appropriately for the weather and consider long pants.

    Please apply the above information during the winter month for when your child gets on and off the bus and waits for the bus each day.
    The handy infographic below, shared by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration via the National Weather Service, shows the layers and type of dress that should be worn during cold weather conditions.
    Dressing for Cold Weather Chilly (Layers) Cold: (Hat, Gloves, layers) & Extreme COld (Several Layers, Hat Gloves, etc.)