• Click here to download and print service verification forms. 
    These "green" slips are also available in Miss Lang's room (317). 
    Please submit your service slips to your folder in Miss Lang's room promptly after completion of each service opportunity. Do not wait until the end of the semester to submit hours.
    Service forms should be taken to each service opportunity. Each form should only be used for one date. NHS member should fill out the form completely BEFORE asking for verification signature.  Incomplete forms will not be counted toward hours served.


      Form Completion

    • Each form must be used for only one date, even if you are serving the same organization on multiple dates consecutively
    • Complete a form for EACH day
    • A multiple day event requires a green slip for each day served
    • Each day, fill out  the form completely in ink and then ask for signature after service is completed for that date; do this again for the second date and every other day
    • Only request the signature at the end of that day’s service
    • Request both phone and email information
    • If one of the fields is unavailable for the supervisor, please have the supervisor write their initials in that particular slot.
    • You must have at least one form of contact information
    • For any service where a teacher is the supervisor, please have them list their extension for the phone number & email
    • “times” means what time of day did you serve (ex: 12:30-2:30 p.m.)
    • Serving your family cannot qualify for individual service hours
    • Parent/sibling cannot sign green forms

     Click here for an example of a completed service slip.

    ** Note - service hours done in the form of individual peer tutoring should not be documented via green slip. Contact David Trent, Peer Tutoring Coordinator, for information on how to receive credit for peer tutoring. Peer tutoring done at the middle school on Wednesdays, however, should be documented via green slip. ** 

    In order for service hours to be counted, your completed service slips must be submitted to your file in room 317 before 2:30PM on the audit date.
    Please refer to the bylaws for specific policy information regarding service hours.