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    Within the PRSD Strategic Plan, long-term and short-term goals outlined in the Teaching and Learning category form the foundation for continuous improvement. One of the short-term goals for 2016 - 2017 was to design and pilot an in-depth program review. Further information about the purpose and process for this work is outlined in the next section.

    The Science Department and Health/Physical Education Department were identified as the initial areas for further study. This report outlines the process, findings, and recommendations from that work. As an organization, it is understood that the pace of change may be dependent upon the impact of that change on other aspects of the educational program. The committee utilized the action priority matrix to evaluate each recommendation and established an implementation timeline with associated cost estimates.

    One element of the in-depth program review was the establishment of a departmental philosophy and vision. Since science spans all six buildings in grades K - 12, it is important for students, staff, and community to understand the major focus and progression within this discipline. The vision is captured through the image above.


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