• The Role of the Homeroom Coordinator at Hance Elementary

    Thank you for volunteering your time to be a Homeroom Coordinator (HRC) for your child’s classroom. You will serve the classroom in several areas with direction from the teacher and/or PTO. 

    As a Homeroom Coordinator (HRC) you will be responsible for the following:

    - Connect with your homeroom teacher on a regular basis to assist with the coordination of any volunteering needs they may have within the classroom.

    - Assist the PTO in classrrom specific tasks such as:

    • Communicate information as needed.
    • Other duties, as needed.


    During the first days of school, please introduce yourself to your classroom teacher

    As soon as you receive the school directory, please elaborate a classroom e-mail distribution list for easy communication with the parents in your classroom.

    Please use the BCC field when emailing parents in order to maintain privacy.

    The Homeroom Parents Coordinator will communicate volunteer needs or upcoming activities with the HRC who will then forward the information to classroom parents. The HRC will correspond with parents primarily through email.

    You may receive communication from the homeroom teacher, PTO committee chairs, and the PTO board.  Please forward this information to all parents in your classroomin a timely manner, when requested. 

    Please be advised that this distribution list is to be used solely to assist the teachers in communicating classroom needs and to obtain volunteers and should not be used for any non-school events or activities.


    Teacher Gifts  

    Some HRCs may choose to organize a holiday and/or end of the year classroom gift for the homeroom teacher. Please note the following:

    • Coordinating a gift-giving occasion for the teacher is not mandatory.
    • Participation by classroom parents is always optional. You should not oblige parents to participate, you should not request any specific amount, and you should keep all contributions confidential. 
    • The names of all students in the class should be included on the gift card or note. 
    • Please refer to the sample letter provided here to send to parents if you choose to organize a class gift.
Last Modified on September 27, 2021