Homeroom Parent Coordinator

  • Homeroom Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities 

    Thank you for volunteering to be a Homeroom Coordinator for your child’s class! Your help  will be invaluable to the PTO and to your classroom teacher. Below are some of the things  you could be asked to help with during the school year. If you have any questions, please contact Emilie Gaeta at hanceptovp@gmail.com or your classroom teacher.  


    •  Send out an introductory email to your class parents introducing yourself as the HR Coordinator. 

      • This class list will be provided by the PTO. 

      • Understand that this may not have all students in the class. Parents must agree to have their emails distributed to the HRC. You can also reach out to the teacher to determine is able to give any additional email addresses of students.

      • Please be advised that the distribution list is to be used solely to assist the  teachers and PTO in communicating classroom needs, volunteer recruitment and  fundraising communications and should not be used for any non-school events or activities. 

      •  Please use the BCC field when emailing parents in order to maintain privacy. 

    • You will receive communication from the classroom teacher, PTO committee chairs, and the PTO board. Please forward this information to all parents in your classroom in a timely manner. We respectfully request all information be distributed within 48 hours of receipt. 

    • CC the teacher and Emilie Gaeta (hanceptovp@gmail.com) on all communications to the class.

    • Connect with the classroom teacher on a regular basis to discuss any needs throughout the school year (paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer, class volunteers for math facts, sight  words, etc). 

    Class Parties 

    • There are 4 class parties each year: Halloween, Holiday, Valentine’s Day and End of Year. Third Grade Carnival will replace End of Year Party for Third Grade.

    • The homeroom coordinator will attend each party to ensure they run smoothly. 

    • The HRC is also responsible for reaching out to all the volunteers to make sure they have their crafts/games ready for the day. After confirming all the activities with the volunteers, the HRC will let the teacher know who will be attending and what activities are planned.

    • Volunteers for each party will be sent to the HRC from the PTO once sign ups have been completed.

    Door Decorating

    • During teacher appreciation week, the HRC is responsible for coming up with a theme to decorate their teachers door. This is done after school hours. Paper will be made available at the school.

    Teacher Gifts  

    • The HRC will organize a holiday and end of the year classroom gift for the teacher.   

    • Please note the following: 

      • Participation by classroom parents is always optional. You should not oblige parents to participate, you should not request any specific amount, and you should keep all contributions confidential. 

    • The names of all students in the class should be included on the gift card or note. Please refer to the sample letter provided here to send to parents if you choose to organize a class gift.

    • Gifts are typically given at the Holiday or End of the Year Parties.